Breaking the Job Shackle

Written by Ray O'Neill

An easy to read 80 page resource for people of all ages wanting to achieve their own employment and career dreams.

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"I experienced the mental pressure of job fever first hand. And I learnt how to break it's hold... How to make the leap from being a wage earner to becoming your own master."
- Ray O'Neill
About the book

Why Job Fever?

Because I've met so many intelligent, trained people who spend their lives working for others; and because there is as much natural ability and nous on the factory floor as in the executive suite.


Thanks to my daughter, Margot O'Neill, for her lively interest in Job Fever and her equally lively encouragement for me to put pen to paper.

Thanks to my secretary without peer, Nadia Curnick. Nadia has (God knows how) managed to decipher my hand written scribble and transcribe it into legible form. This involved many hours of concentration and sheer hard work.

About the Author

Ray O’Neill began his business career during the great depression, as a 13 year old, in a retail store in Korumburra, Victoria.

He joined the A.I.F. during World War II, serving five years in New Guinea (1940 - 1945) and at age 29 following military service he cofounded La Trobe Financial keeping in mind the ANZAC tradition of "Others before self".

In July 1993 he formed the Victorian Council of Co-operative Housing Societies. Ray was a Justice Of the Peace for 40 years. He was a Foundation Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

He was an Honorary Life Member of the Koorie United Sporting & Social Club.

He was the CEO (1972 - 1997) of La Trobe Financial, which he established in 1952, and Chairman from 1997 until passing in 2007.

La Trobe Financial has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Traralgon and Shanghai China.

Ray was married for over 50 years to his wife Gloria. They had 5 children and 13 granchildren. Ray passed on 1 Sept 2007. Gloria passed in 2016.

"Got it... Read it... A truly Australian story of success on how to overcome and achieve your full potential. Thoroughly recommend Ray’s book Job Fever to anybody."
- Tommy Hafey (Legendary All Australian Football Coach)
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